Discover the Unexpected


Perhaps like us, you appreciate the small details in life, a genuine surprise or a good story.

Established in 2018, TOSECH believes in discovering, re-imagining, and delivering the unexpected in everyday ‘meh’ consumer experiences.  Our passion and creativity fulfill simple and savvy lifestyle upgrades with ingenious brands, products and experiences. We intersect fun, quality, creativity, and innovation while maintaining focus on function and value.

Join us on our journey to re-discover and appreciate the small details in life!


Company Vision

We care about clever, little bonus features and thoughtfully blend them into their simplest forms to enhance a familiar product or service beyond its intended function, creating the TOSECH spark.

For our consumers, we want our brands to consistently create that instant, satisfying moment when you discover the unexpected and think ‘Ah…that’s cool!’. And never expect anything less than a high-quality product with an invaluable experience at a great value.

For our partners and shareholders, our goal is to provide long-term, incremental value by profitably creating, scaling, and growing consumer/commercial insights into sustainable, branded global product or service business segments. We want our organization to stay right-sized, agile, pragmatic, efficient and accessible.

Global Consumer Electronics

Thanks to advances in technology and wireless connectivity, there are thousands of devices in the marketplace that are ‘smart’. The smart phone alone traditionally sells over 1 billion units worldwide each year. We can adjust our thermostats, lock or even answer our doors from anywhere thanks to an app on our smart device.

Then life got easier with the introduction of artificial intelligence voice assistants like Alexa and Hey Google, allowing us to control more things in our home and life with a simple voice command. The smart speaker category hit a new record during the 2018 holiday season with 86.2 million smart speakers sold, a 98% increase from year prior.

The ease of these affordable formats or tech platforms have made consumers rapidly adopt the concept of a connected smart home or life and with that comes the big, growing opportunity to enhance, accessorize and have fun with those new experiences.


Smartē is a smart technology accessory brand that delivers on the needs of consumer privacy, stylization, customization and innovation through fun & unique user experiences.

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Leadership Team

A core, global team comprised of parents, community members, creators, doers, negotiators, fixer uppers, number crunchers and networkers.   We are a talented group of people from many walks of consumer goods, enterprises, services, and family lives that connected to make a continual surprise in the everyday life.

We also do coffee, cake, ice cream and sometimes beer for breakfast, and on occasion, wine, whisky, and cheese for an evening snack!

Tim Wills

Co-Founder and Leadership

Tim co-founded TOSECH in 2018. Through various roles and 30+ years in the toy, game, entertainment, technology and marketing industries, he’s helped deliver some of the largest, branded consumer product and entertainment experiences to families around the world.

Although he enjoys making product, he is not a ‘shopper’. He views most consumption as a ‘thoughtful investment’, has an appreciation for clever details and over times has noticed a steep, unnecessary creative decline in many consumer categories.

The opportunity to go back to designing simple, insightful creative and narrative to basic purchases that enhance overall function, quality or value and transform any everyday item into a better experience…was the inspiration to co-create TOSECH.

Tim’s global experience working with industry pioneers, best-in-class organizations, cross-functional leadership teams and currently with pan-TOSECH management allows him to share unique and successful perspectives, insights, vision, values and integrity with the team and its partners. These are the cornerstones embedded into all TOSECH deliverables.

Tim is a dedicated husband, father to 2 young adults, officemate with a crazy Weimaraner, a Los Angeles area resident and Cape Cod, MA native.


Ryan Mansour

Co-Founder and Operations

Ryan co-founded TOSECH Inc. in 2018 with Tim Wills and brings a wealth of experience in strategic insight, fiscal responsibility and operational excellence. With his experience in the consumer goods, real estate, and entertainment industries he is prepared to lead TOSECH into the future. Ryan has held various leadership positions at Mattel, DC Entertainment at Warner Bros. Entertainment Group and currently with RyaNik Holdings, which he co-founded in 2010.

In his day-to-day role with TOSECH, Ryan is responsible for raising necessary capital, managing the financials, overseeing human resources, managing company logistics, and developing international growth. In his freetime, you can find Ryan either golfing, skiing, or racing one of his cars in a rally.


Michael Boland

Marketing & Sales

Michael Boland brings a wealth of experience from a number of industries. Starting his career in Canada, he worked at AC. Nielsen, Black and Decker and was the Marketing lead for LEGO. He moved to the US and joined the US Marketing team at LEGO where he worked on brand marketing, inventor relations and licensing. He continued his toy industry career working at Hasbro and TOMY in brand marketing and product development. He also worked at Honeywell Safety Products and Velcro Industries helping launch their retail and consumer divisions respectively.

Michael’s ability to find creative solutions, develop strategy but then roll up the sleeves and help execute has been a welcome addition to the team.

An avid Oenophile, he is passionate about wines from around the globe; visiting every wine region in the world is on his bucket list. Michael lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two grown boys who live in the New England area.


Alvin Law

Product Development

Alvin spent the last 20 years in Supply Chain Management and mainly focused on high end consumer products, usually expensive collectible items in the toys, games and entertainment industry. The products he managed – from the honourable Michael Jordan wall painting to the massive bronze statue of Batman.

Alvin had served various best in class companies like Upper Deck, Bureau Veritas and DC Direct (former DC Collectibles) at Warner Bros. Consumer Products group that equipped him with multi – perspectives in the entire supply chain, from product engineering development with relevant product safety requirements to logistics arrangements from factory to products shelfs.

He enjoyed traveling around Japan and the southeast Asia with his family on vacations and Hot Spring is definitely one of his favorites. In the weekends you may find him in one of the rural parks in HK and taking some breathtaking photos as his esteemed hobby. He’s a father of an 8 year old cutie and for sure the best audience for her dancing and drum classes!


Company DNA + Values


  • Creativity and innovation are the core, organic ingredients to each and every deliverable we serve

  • Safety, quality and fair value are baked into everything we make or do

We work daily to:

  • Live, eat, sleep, breath the joy, features and little details of everyday ‘things’
  • Be a dynamic consumer-focused and dependable partner-focused team in everything we do
  • Improve in all corporate areas and operations to meet or exceed all levels of excellence
  • Build a sustainable commercial business built on integrity, authenticity, and accountability for the future of our employees, consumers, partners and shareholders

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